Window Lift Style7


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The price is for the 36, vintage, cast brass window lifts. The Outer Rim, has a “Lighter Brushed Finish”, with a More “Matted / Rough Texture”, Inside The Hole. The Inside Hole, has a Lighter Tone, than the Outer Rim. They have minimal wear. The tone is more of a Rose Brass tone and is a little bit Lighter, than that seen, in photos, due to camera shadow. Each lift measures over 2 5/8″ long and over 1 1/8″ wide. They recess approximately 3/8″ deep. Each mounts with 2 wood screws, inside the hole. One could purchase the screws, at a hardware store. These are very likely, at least 20+ years old; they are probably, even older than that. These 36, vintage, Rose Brass tone, cast brass window lifts, will display well.


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