Corner Braces Or Perhaps Keepers


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The price is for the 40 vintage, Stamp Copper braces or perhaps keepers. They have a Lighter copper tone, than that seen, in the photos. The pieces have some Small DENTS / DINGS, mostly near the center, as well as some slight Bends and other wear. They have a backward Bend, slightly more than a right angle. Each piece measures under 3″ long, with each side width approximately 1 1/8″.  Perhaps they were used for braces or maybe keepers, of some sort. They very likely date from the 1960’s, or even earlier. Each mounts with a wood screw, into the center. One could purchase the screws, at a hardware store. These 40, vintage Stamp Copper braces, or perhaps keepers, with nice attractive design, would display well, for a project.


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