Clothesline Reel


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The price is for Each of these unused old stock, tin / metal, clothesline reels, on their display cards. The reel has just a tiny bit of rust, from storage over the many years. The string loop, pulls out and the wooden knob slowly reels the string back, into the holder. The standard woven line pulls out, by hand, approximately 24 feet. The base measures over 4 5/8″ tall, slightly over 2 3/8″ wide and protrudes out approximately 3 1/4″. There are 4 reels available and they mount by 2 wood screws, into the front, of the back plate. The display card has storage wear.  The reel is manufactured by Acme Metal Goods Mfg. Co., Newark, N.J. These clothesline reels are nice to use, for hanging clothes.


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