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Brass Rosette


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The price is for Each of these old, solid brass rosettes, of which, we are not sure, what purpose they served. They have a little Darker, Rose Brass tone, than that, seen in the photos. There is a large center hole, with an inner collar. The inner collar can push down, due to spring action. The brass is from cast brass. There is beautiful design around the edge. There are no holes to attach a screw, from the front, but a couple of prongs, in the back, that recess into wood. Obviously, something attached into the front, of the rosette, to keep the rosette in place. The rosette measures approximately 2 1/4″, outer diameter and the inner hole measures over 1 1/8″ diameter. There are 50 of these old rosettes available. These old, decorative rosettes, would display well, for a project.


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